Product Guidelines

Conditioners For All Hair Type

In today’s world your hair needs maximum protection from harsh elements such as winter wind and rain. The harmful and damaging effects of U.V. sunlight have never been greater, due to climate change.
Your hair is a complex network of keratin bonds. In dry or damaged hair, these bonds are often damaged or missing and in fine and thinning hair, they can be weak and fragile.
The problem people encounter with most conditioners is that they are heavy and greasy, leaving the hair coated and lifeless. The last thing healthy hair needs is to be encompassed in hard wax as if it was the wick of a candle.
We have addressed that problem with Profol Pro-Active Conditioner. Formulated with protein, sunscreen and De-Panthenol, it will leave your hair moisture rich with body, volume and shine. Profol Pro-Active Conditioning Treatment is tomorrow’s conditioner today.

General information about Profol treatments

Daily shampooing prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria that can lead to irritation and scalp damage. All Julian Jay Profol shampoos are designed for daily use so you can be assured you will not be creating any problems.
Used daily a bottle of our shampoo or lotion will on average last 6 – 8 weeks so is very economical. I include further important information below for your guidance:
Prevention is so much easier than to re-grow your hair which takes patience and persistence. However, all is not lost once the circulation to you scalp is being boosted and restored on a daily basis by our Advanced Formula Hi-Potency shampoo and lotion spray any hair follicles that are dormant and not dead will gradually re-awaken. So you have every chance of some degree of the dormant hair follicles starting to restore growth but please be aware that any dead hair follicles are just that they are dead and will not come back. Looking from the outside will not give you any insight in to the quantity of follicles that are dormant and which are dead it is a matter of starting treatment and being patient in the knowledge that they will not all be dead by any means.