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Suffering hair loss? Profol Products

The Benefits of Profol Products for People Suffering Hair Loss

24/03/18 15:45

Hair loss can cause great distress for both men and women. Isn’t it cruelly ironic that stress can cause hair loss, and hair loss can cause stress? At Julian Jay Hair & Scalp Clinic, we sell a wide range of Profol products that can often prove invaluable for people suffering hair loss.

Here are just some of the benefits:

Halt further hair loss and stress

Losing hair (or being unable to grow hair when it’s all gone) can prove to be greatly stressful, especially when it occurs at a fast rate. Thankfully, Profol Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Shampoo can quickly bring such situations down to a more manageable level. By stimulating the blood supply to the scalp, this shampoo will get your hair growth kick-started as soon as possible, stopping further damage and curtailing any further feelings of stress.

Maintain a healthy scalp and hair growth

When it comes to hair loss, maintaining a healthy scalp and hair growth is vital. With Profol Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Lotion Spray (best used daily after shampooing with Profol shampoo), you’ll be able to start reversing the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and increase blood supply to your hair follicles immediately.

Relieve the pain

Hair loss can have some nasty side effects on your scalp, including dandruff and itchiness that quickly becomes sore. Profol Scalp Clear Treatment Shampoo addresses these problems without damaging any new skin or removing oils that are essential to the scalp. One less problem to stress about!

Restore body, shine and volume

When addressing hair loss it’s important to not only focus on what’s missing, but also on what’s still there. Profol Pro-Active Conditioning Treatment helps to thicken thinning and fine hair, ensuring it keeps its body, shine and volume. It will also ensure any damaged hair get back lost moisture without ever feeling greasy. When suffering hair loss, it’s important to make the most of what you have!