"I am more than pleased with your treatment. I have new hair growth"

H.R, Deeside

"My dandruff has cleared and my hair has stopped falling out"

W.H, Gwynedd

"My hair has stopped falling out. Great treatment"

A.H, Gwent

"My hair is starting to grow again and it is noticeably thicker"

P.T, Mexborough

"My hair has never been so good thanks to Profol treatments"

B.B, Essex

"I am amazed at the condition of my hair, it’s the best it has been for years"

JK, Southend-on-Sea

"Since using the treatment my scalp has stopped irritating and my hair is much healthier"

P.J, Cambridge

"Great results since using your treatments. I have new hair growing at the front"

D.A, Suffolk

"I am delighted with the results. Excellent"

A.J, Aberystwyth

"I found the Profol treatment had outstanding results"

D.F, County Down

"I am delighted to see new hair growing after just four days"

A.S, Macclesfield

"My hair has grown back from being bald"

T.D, Worcestershire

"Still completely satisfied with your treatments"

S.h, Warwickshire

"Thanks to you I still have a full head of hair, highly recommended"

L.J, Suffolk