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UK Company Strives to Shows People there are Genuine Treatments for Hair Loss

27/07/14 13:12

Trichoanalyst, Julian Jay, has been helping both men and women with various, common hair and scalp disorders for over 30 years through his consultancy of the same name. Hair loss especially is a major issue for many people, and because of this, averting it is big business, and genuine consultancies and treatment centres such as Julian’s have to compete with hundreds of highly-convincing yet bogus companies, preying on vulnerable people whose confidence is usually already low.


Despite having much success in reaching those who could take advantage of the recent advances that have been made in trichoanalysis, Julian is still concerned that, with the amount of gimmicks, cons and scams out there, thousands of people who could benefit from the various treatments and products now available are just not aware of them.


Perhaps this is because such people have been ‘burned’ (sometimes literally) by fraudsters and charlatans in the past, or maybe it’s simply because the internet is awash with so many supposedly miracle products and dubious before-and-after images, for most people, it seems too daunting a task to sift through and asses everything to find a credible solution. So they just give up and accept their fate. Despite this, Julian is confident that with the right methods of outreach, he can convince these people that there are genuine products and treatments out there that can help them with their confidence-sapping hair loss problems. But it’s essential that they know how the products actually work, and don’t give up when they don’t see overnight results:


“Many people expect to see their hair growing back like dark stubble and when it doesn’t they assume – wrongly -that the treatment is not working.” He asserts. “We have to assure people that it will grow back as it should with our treatments, a few hairs at a time and gradually thicken up, so a sensible patient approach is essential if you are to succeed.”


Julian explains that, with regular use of a Profol shampoo, blood supply is boosted to the hair follicles (resulting in a warm, tingling sensation) and hair loss is usually slowed down dramatically within about two weeks. For extra effectiveness, it’s recommended that the shampoo treatment is combined with a high-potency, Profol lotion spray (available from, as is the shampoo). This organic formula lotion can be left in, thanks to its non-sticky formula. Daily use is recommended. People undergoing this self-treatment will see hair loss slowed to normal levels within three weeks, and – providing the treatment is maintained – the problem will soon have been successfully halted. But, as Julian says, the results don’t stop there:


“This is the first stage. Many of our clients can see actual hair growth within twelve months, but for others it can take much longer, so commitment to the treatment is needed. ”


But the rewards, according to many people who have benefited from the treatment, make it worth the dedication.


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