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Nature or Nurture

Nature or Nurture

13/10/16 12:15

Nature or Nurture: Avoidable Hair Loss?

We’ve all heard the old claim, pointing the finger at your maternal grandfather for that steadily thinning hair or the ominous spread of that bald patch. It begs the question, then, how true is it really? Is the retention of your hair only down to nature, or is this nothing more than an urban myth?

As Black and White as it Seems?

The short answer to this: absolutely not. From being barraged with stress-inducing workloads, to insufficient nutrients from your diet, the health of your hair is continually affected by situational factors. We do have to hold our hands up, though. Fellas, according to genetics you are indeed more likely to have some hair loss. However, that’s no reason to throw the towel in and put it all down to fate just yet. Here at Julian Jay, we provide hair loss treatment based on the belief that your lifestyle has a huge bearing on your hair, regardless of gender. Aside from exercise and diet, we champion the importance of consistent hair regrowth routines. With our Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Shampoo it’s possible to stimulate dormant hair follicles, filtering between those that simply need activating and those that have genuinely died off. What seemed to be hereditary can, with our help, be reversed.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

As with so much in life, being aware of and organised for potential situations pays dividends when it comes to facing the reality of it. Unsurprisingly, it’s no different when it comes to the treatment of your hair. Far from simply consigning hair loss to genetics, there’s a whole plethora of possible reasons assaulting the condition of your hair, as we’ve discussed. With that in mind, it only follows that you take up a consistent route of prevention. Just like achieving that perfect beach body, restoring your hair does take effort. The good news? It’s all worthwhile. Maintain the health of your hair follicles with our preventative Profol hair loss treatments, formulated to stimulate and strengthen, and you’ll not have to rely on greater reserves of patience waiting for signs of new growth.

Browse our full collection of hair regrowth products online today to have that healthy head of hair once again. Alternatively, contact us on our free phone order line at 0800 191 0477.