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The Virtues of a Shampoo Routine

The Virtues of a Shampoo Routine

01/11/16 16:05

It seems many have been taken in by the argument that the more you clean your hair, the more damage is done to your locks. Yet, with male and female balding being an upsetting reality for people throughout the UK, at Julian Jay we’re eager to extol the virtues of a regular, effective shampoo routine in combating hair loss.

A Clean Slate

Of course, the primary reason anyone washes their hair is to cleanse themselves of the grime that builds up over the course of a day or two. Aside from obviously leaving you smelling sweeter than a bed of flowers, there’s some biology to consider here. Your scalp is covered in sebaceous glands connected to hair follicles, from which an oily substance known as sebum is secreted. Leave this to accumulate too long and you run the risk of developing sebum plugs impeding hair growth. What’s more, cleanse that scalp regularly and you’ll also eradicate collections of damaging bacteria causing the build up of dead skin, as well as some unpleasant odours. That said, this excess of dead skin can of course be caused by hereditary complaints such as seborrhoeic dermatitis, leading to temporary balding. Nevertheless, this accumulation has no connection to permanent hair loss, so provided you keep on top of those hair-washing duties, hope isn’t lost just yet.

The Essential Ingredient

Although practising good hair and scalp hygiene is vital, this is only the first step. Moving on from this basic approach, your scalp cries out for nourishment and stimulation on a consistent basis. The difficulty comes in selecting a treatment that can deliver cleanliness and revitalizing agents. Addressing a whole raft of potential reasons for hair loss, Profol Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Shampoo meets this description exactly, stimulating the scalp and follicles to activate hair growth. Incorporating this product into a regular shampoo routine leads to significantly increased blood supply to your scalp, essentially feeding your hair follicles with the nutrients they’re so in need of. We imagine you wouldn’t want to skip your main meal of the day. In the same way, your scalp needs that nourishment repeatedly in order to tackle hair loss.

The old adage that all good things come to those who wait could not be truer. To see the full effects of our Profol Shampoo, we prescribe a realistic and patient attitude to the process. In coupling your morning shampoo with our organic Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Lotion Spray at the end of the day, the blood supply to your scalp is maximised. Thanks to this regular provision of oxygen and vitamins, in approximately 3 weeks, hair loss is drastically reduced, with some clients even reporting fresh growth in 12 months. Simply put, neglect your shampoo routine and you’ll also be neglecting the essential tool in effective hair loss treatment.

To get your new routine underway, simply browse our full range of hair growth products online today. Alternatively, feel free to chat with our friendly team for advice by contacting us on 0800 191 0477.