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Why Conditioning isn’t Conditional

Why Conditioning isn’t Conditional

01/11/16 16:05

Nowadays, the internet is awash with new and eccentric hair treatments, with each novel technique claiming to be the Holy Grail of hair care. Yet through it all, there’s been one largely consistent component: conditioner. It’s easy to take the conditioning process for granted as part of our bathroom routine, but at Julian Jay we’re asking: what can thinning hair or traumatised tresses really get from conditioning? 

What Does it Do?

We want to clear something up. Yes, it is indeed true that this time-honoured favourite of hair gurus worldwide is a valid way to replenish your locks. By wrapping thinning hair strands in the emollients that make up conditioners, you’re giving yourself a rich moisturising treat. This means those damaged keratin bonds that make up your hair can be refreshed and restored, resulting in greater strength and resilience for whatever the day throws at you.

What’s more, this moisturising has a two-fold effect. Not only does your hair appear healthier, but it actually is healthier in the long-run. Naturally, our hair is intended to be coated with sebum (that’s the oil released from the sebaceous glands at your roots), and consequently be protected from the sun’s barrage of UV rays, the affects of humidity, or whatever styling methods you might use. Often, this doesn’t quite reach, resulting in thinning or damaged hair. By routinely using conditioner, you’re providing an essential mask for your hair.

But Which One?

We’ve all browsed through the shop shelves, confronted with collections of conditioner, all lauding their own ability to ‘thicken’, ‘smooth’ or ‘revive’ our jaded hair. If you’ve been using conditioners any length of time, however, you’ll also know that these promises don’t always measure up. The simple fact is, most shop-bought conditioners tend to be unnecessarily weighty. This means your hair is coated in a thick, cumbersome layer of wax-like protection. Though this can certainly protect your hair, it doesn’t do much for the appearance of it.

To treat thinning hair it’s essential to find a solution that gives long-term aesthetic gain. Our Profol Pro-Active Conditioning Treatment has a lightweight formula so that there is quite literally nothing to weigh down your locks’ new lease of life. Doing this, you’ll be taking away the stress from thinning hair and increasing the chances of full recovery. Most effective when coupled with our Profol Shampoos, re-growth and strengthening can occur hand in hand.

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