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Losing My Hair - it happened to me

Itchy scalp

13/03/18 9:00

For many people throughout the UK, struggling with either a chronic or temporary itchy scalp it is a frustrating (and oftentimes embarrassing) reality. What’s more, due to the repeated trauma caused to the itchy scalp by rigorous scratching, hair loss can become a devastating side effect of scalp inflammation. Here at Julian Jay, we’re asking: what exactly causes this irritation and, moreover, what can be done to stop an itchy scalp?

The Root Causes 

If you’ve spent any time trawling the internet for an explanation to your itchy scalp, you’ll know there are multiple potential factors at play. For some, the autoimmune disease, psoriasis, is the cause leaving scaly reddish patches on various areas of the skin or scalp. The exact trigger for this condition itself, however, remains unclear to dermatologists. Unsurprisingly, though, it is often linked to times of extreme stress. Of course, for those who’ve been experimenting lately with hair colourants or dabbling in a new shampoo, that sudden bout of itchy scalp may in fact be contact dermatitis. The result of an allergic reaction, this form of eczema can be caused by various irritants, from chemicals and tobacco smoke to acidic foods and even the wool in your favourite winter hat (apologies, you may just have to ditch that cherished knitwear).

itchy scalp

A Sensitive Solution

In order to combat an itchy scalp, we believe a sensitive and careful approach is needed. For that reason, we’ve developed our Scalp Clear Treatment Shampoo. With a formulation that preserves both essential oils and the development of delicate new skin, this scalp irritation treatment is cautious not to strip your scalp of its best assets. Efficiently and effectively relieving inflammation otherwise responsible for flaky skin, using this miracle worker daily will rapidly stabilise your condition.

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