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Hair Thinning – It happened to me!

04/03/18 10:31

Hair Thinning -The story of one sufferer

“Hair thinning is something that all of us dread. We wake up one day and see more loose hair on our pillows than usual. It’s no big deal, might just be a random occurrence that never happens again. But, every day after that you start to see more and more loose hair on your pillow. When you wash and brush your hair, you notice that it falls out easier. Slowly but surely you become drowned in a sense of dread. Your worst nightmares are coming to pass; Hair thinning is happening.

It can be a very stressful time, and I’d know, I’ve been through it. I still remember the moment it dawned on me that I was suffering from Hair thinning. I always read about it, or saw others with this problem, but never thought it would happen to me. However, it did, and it can be a real kick in the teeth.

When I realised I was losing my hair, I did what everyone does in this situation; I researched. Hours were spent pouring over websites and articles, trying to find out the reason my hair kept falling out. What I found was that hair thinning is extremely common in both men and women. Which surprised me as I thought it was only men that experienced this issue. I also discovered that most hair thinning problems were attributed to a disruption in the hair growth cycle. You see, when our hair grows, it goes through three different phases. If something disrupts these, that’s where issues will occur. There are many things that can cause a metabolic imbalance that leads to hair thinning, such as illness, shock, and an awful diet. And, there are ways to tell if you are experiencing hair thinning, you just need to look for the telltale signs. In women, you’ll usually notice your hair starts thinning all over. If you used to have deliciously thick hair, you’d notice if it starts to get thin. This is a warning sign that you’re going through hair loss.

After I had conducted my research on the causes of hair thinning, I decided to take action. I searched around and found that the key was to try and cleanse your scalp, to help stimulate hair growth again. I found that the best tool for the job was a shampoo called Profol. It helped to relieve my scalp from all the irritation and keep it nice and clean. Soon, I found less hair falling out, and my hair follicles even felt a little bit thicker and stronger. Also, I started cleaning up my diet and trying to relieve myself from thinning

All of this came together and helped me stall the hair loss progress. I now feel much more confident and way less down about myself. Hopefully, those of you suffering from hair loss will read this and find it helpful and use it to assist you too!”

Visit our hair loss advice page for more information or for a consultation about hair loss treatments for women contact us here.


  1. D.F, County Down May 13, 2016
    I found the Profol treatment had outstanding results

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