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Sorting Fact from Fiction

05/12/16 13:21

From the plausible to the outright whacky, you’re likely to encounter some unusual claims over hair loss causes in your bid to find appropriate treatment. It seems that balding has long perplexed us as a species. As a result, we’ve got a whole plethora of possible cures and causes. Here at Julian Jay we’ve been sifting through a few of those claims for you to find some hair loss treatment gold in amongst those dodgy details. Here’s our breakdown of what’s fact and what’s fiction:

Too Much Fun in the Sun?

It’s often been claimed that hair loss is caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Although this can damage your hair itself, drying out the moisture from the strands, it doesn’t affect at the follicle level which is essential for hair retention. Your hair acts as an effective barrier from the UV rays, protecting those sensitive follicles from damage. All in all, you can still work on that radiant summer tan of yours.

Harmful Hairstyles? 

This, ladies and gents, is no myth. It is indeed possible to suffer hair loss as a result of hairstyles that put excessive tension on the follicle itself. For instance, wearing cornrows, ponytails or tightly winding hair onto rollers. Self-expression is important, but we’d argue that your hair shouldn’t fall victim to it.

Age Limits?

Is balding really a result of age? We have to admit, yes it is. As we age, the number of active follicles on our scalp gradually declines resulting in hair loss and thinning hair.

Nevertheless, despite these collective factors, there’s still hope. Applying the right science, it’s possible to stimulate your follicles, this in turn promoting healthy hair growth. Advanced Formula Lotion Spray  provides a high potency treatment to encourage increased blood supply to your scalp. In so doing, your hair follicles can benefit from the essential nutrients they’ve been deprived of, no matter how far gone you may believe your hair loss to be.

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