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Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Shampoo

A Quick Fix: Do They Exist?

25/11/16 12:06

The likelihood is that if you’ve ever grabbed a take away or maybe tested out a 2 week diet, you’ve fallen prey to a modern phenomenon: the quick fix culture. Here at Julian Jay, we’re letting you in on this 21st century lifestyle could mean for your hair loss treatment.

The ‘Click Your Fingers’ Myth

Thanks to some incredible progressions in technology, it seems we really can click our fingers and be catered for. Nevertheless there’s some truth in the old adage, ‘practise makes perfect’. Your end-goal may be a long time coming, but the point is that you reach it in the end. We have to let you in on the truth of it all: treating hair loss is no different. With Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Shampoo you will see a reduction in hair fall within 3 weeks of continued use, but that’s no reason to believe your hair’s recovery is done and dusted with. With regular use and a dose of persistence, you’ll see ever-more dramatic improvements. See hair loss treatment as a long-term solution for a long-term problem and you’ll soon understand why it can’t slot into the current trend of rapid fixes.

Your Hair’s New Year Resolution

Whatever you do, don’t get into 2017 without a brand new hair routine ready to combat those thinning locks. Add our Hi-Potency Shampoo to your Christmas wish list, expertly designed to promote hair regrowth. What’s more, you can maximise effectiveness by coupling this product with daily use of our Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Spray, rapidly targeting and stimulating follicles. Where many hair loss treatments make extravagant claims of completely replenishing your tresses within a matter of weeks, we like to keep things realistic at Julian Jay. Using this organic formulation daily, you’ll have noticeably restored hair within a matter of months. If the sound of multiple months casts a shadow on your hair growth hopes, we’re encouraging you not to despair. Ditch the quick fix, adopt a consistent and patient approach to your hair loss, and reap the benefits in the long run.

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